How can Used Car Valued help you sell your car?

Sell, trade or purchase a used car?
What you get for $99.
– A guaranteed value to sell your vehicle now
– Bids from up to 50 buyers
– Advice on how to best sell your vehicle
– Industry insights on the demand and sales history
– Access to 20+ years of experience in selling cars
– Industry knowledge, tips and guidance

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What's in a certificate of valuation?

Used Car Valued Certificates Include:
– A guaranteed price to sell your vehicle.
– No requirement to roadworthy.
– Finance encumbrances paid out.
– An honest opinion in regards to pricing to sell privately.
– Personalised advice on how to present your vehicle to sell privately.
– Industry information on sales history.
– Phone support, coaching and mentoring.
– An honest value for a business transaction for all parties involved.

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How to get the most for your car....

You will need to complete the required information so we can provide an accurate value on your vehicle in its current condition.
This allows you to sell or trade your vehicle your vehicle with certainty and the guarantee that you have is genuine and you do not have to accept any lower pricing.

Follow our easy to use upload link to load your photos, comments, information and documentation about your vehicle from the comfort of your own home.
You can attach your photos and upload via your smartphone or transfer to your desktop, we are available to help via the phone at any stage.

Expert Valuers

We have a team of experts who quickly gain your guaranteed value with dealers and trade buyers at a location near you who are desperate for your vehicle.
We are always available and happy to answer any questions, either email or call us now to speak to a real person immediately.

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