Chris Symes

Our Story

Our founder, Chris Symes, is a qualified valuer with over 20 years experience in the motor vehicle industry. Our aim is to sell your vehicle for the highest and best price in the current market.

We have a large network of buyers waiting to purchase your vehicle.

Alternatively we provide advice how to best sell your vehicle if you are unhappy with where the market prices your vehicle for immediate sale.

We have the ability to provide accurate and genuine information to both the consumer and dealer network. We operate as an independent operation, pricing your vehicle to multiple buyers, unlike others who are a front for an auction house where you only have one person bidding on your vehicle.

Our Approach

Selling or Trading your Car?

We use our nation wide dealer network that covers Australia to provide you with an accurate value of your vehicle. No false computer generated numbers! We value your vehicle in it’s exact condition. The only surprises can be that you have missed on the valuation so it is essential that you complete the used car valuation correctly.

Unlike others, we are not here to secure your vehicle at the lowest price to improve our profit margins. Our objective is not to secure your vehicle, Used Car Valued does not purchase cars, we only provide details of the highest guaranteed value to you. If you choose to dispose of your vehicle, that is your choice, we only look to provide you with the information required to either sell, trade or value your vehicle.

Our suppliers have agreed to the fair trade valuation guidelines and will provide you with a written report which we will either endorse or disapprove upon inspection. We work for you, the end user of Used Car Valued, to gain the best price possible within our network.

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