These are the common questions that customers ask us about our services....

What’s is my car worth?

Depending on the situation, you might need a value to:
- Sell your vehicle yourself
- Dispose of your vehicle to a dealer immediately
- Value a vehicle for business purposes (Tax, sale of a business etc.)
- Check an insurance write off value (Click link to visit) lists the estimated value of a vehicle, this is great for some purposes, but it doesnt take into account the kilometres, servicing history, dents, scrapes and other important factors that will affect the value of your vehicle to trade or sell. Unfortunately, they dont print cheques or buy cars.... is a great guide to see what people are selling their vehicle for, but are they selling, how long have they been listed for?

For the reasons listed above, we need an accurate description of your car and we can get you the most for your car through Used Car Valued!

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What is a valuation Certificate?

This is our way of providing all of the information relevant to your vehicle in one place, including your guaranteed value to sell your vehicle immediately. It also has market pricing comparisons, industry sales information and advice on what to repair and not to maximise the value received for your vehicle.

What is a Guaranteed Value?

The highest value that we have been able to achieve to sell your vehicle immediately to a reputable buyer without a roadworthy or repairs. We guarantee payment of that value upon presentation to the buyer in the condition if in the condition described.

Why charge us and not the dealer?

If we were to charge the dealer, we could hide large fees like other providers, we want to remain independent and not be reliant upon the dealer so that we have your best interests at the foreront of our beliefs.

Can you sell your car quickly?

Yes, we can arrange the sale of your vehicle to a dealer and have cash in your bank withing 24-24 hours, it also depends on clear title and logistics of your location in comparison to the purchasing buyer.
Once you have completed your valuation and have your Guaranteed Value, as a result, you can sell your vehicle immediately. Our network are reputable dealers anxious to gain the opportunity of sourcing more pre-loved vehicles and have the funding to pay you nearly immediately

How much is a Valuation Certificate?

We have two certificates:
Certificate of valuation for advice on pricing and the market. $69
Certificate of Guaranteed Value which guarantees your pricing subject to fair valuation guidelines. $99

How long have you been valuing vehicles?

For over 20 years.

Who buys your vehicles?

It is a mixture of buyers and dealers, dealers usually pay more for the latest models and vehicles under 100,000km, anything else usually goes straight to independent used car yards. We know the dealers who pay top dollar for used cars and utilise our experience to contact the dealers relevant to those cars.

Why don't I drive to dealers myself?

To find the right dealer that will pay the best money for your vehicle is a hard task and would be time consuming if you did not know the high paying dealers, even we are surprised sometimes by who pays the top value for a vehicle. We have access to hundreds of dealers Australia wide.

Can I trade my vehicle if it is under finance?

Yes, the dealer will arrange to pay out the finance and the balance will be settled at the time of purchase.

Do you work with unregistered vehicels?

No, sorry, we only work with registered vehicles.

What do I need to tell you about my car?

We need to know everything relevant to the vehicle, your vehicle will be inspected at time of sale and if anything has been omitted from the description, it will waste your time and money.

How much will my Guaranteed Value be?

We will not know that until the certificate is completed, a vehicle is worth what someone will pay for the car and that varies by day depending on the dealers requirement for stock.

How much will my Guaranteed Value be?

We will not know that until the certificate is completed, a vehicle is worth what someone will pay for the car and that varies by day depending on the dealers requirement for stock.

Where do I find my V.I.N. (Vehicle Identification Number)?

It varies from car to car, but usually in the door arches, on windscreen or under the bonnet.
In some rare cases, they are in the boot, or hidden under a tab in the floor carpet.

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