How to get more for your car...

Used Car Valued uses it's buyer network to find the buyer that is right for your car from the comfort of your home.  Upload your photo's and as much information as you can and we do the rest.

After receiving your photos and information, we may call to clarify anything that we need to.

Researching your vehicle is very important, we make sure that we have the exact right model, check industry information on recent sale prices, length of time to sell and more.  We utilise this information to gain more money for your vehicle with our buying network.

We then contact the relevant buyers that we think will be interested in your vehicle.  The buyers then place the best price they are willing to pay on you vehicle.

Once we have a guaranteed value, we collect our information and provide you with a Certificate of Valuation.  This allows you to then decide what you want to do.

  1. Sell your car yourself.
  2. Dispose to the buyer at the Guaranteed Value.
  3. Do nothing.

The choices are now yours.

Often we find that when your looking to value a vehicle that you may be looking for another car, below are some services that may be able to help in regards to your next purchase.

How much does it cost?

A certificate with guaranteed value costs $99.
A certificate without a guaranteed value is $69.

Send through your photos/videos or description and we will invoice you for payment, once we have received payment, you should expect your certificate within 2-3 working hours.

New Car Now Car Brokers

New Car Now Car Broker

New Car Now is a car broker with a lot of industry experience that is a free service to achieve the best price possible for a new car.  They fully disclose their referral fees and give great service.

Used Car Now Used Car Broker

Used Car Now Car Broker

Don't have the time to search endlessly, wait for return phone calls, annoying follow up from sales people? Used Car Now searches, communicates and uses the same industry data that we do to ensure you buy the right car for the right price.

CarGeek Advisors

CarGeek Australia

CarGeek is independent industry experts who are available to hire to help you with anything in regards to the industry, like selling your car, negotiating on a vehicle, checking repair bills and much more.

Phone a car industry expert

Need help in regards to your used car, give us a call, we are happy to help.


How does Used Car Valued save me money?

Time and time again, we see vehicles listed for sale by way too much or little, with a little assistance, you can sell your car for the right amount and get on with having fun.

We also regularly see dealers under trade a vehicle, where they offer you less than what the vehicle is worth to increase profits, by including Used Car Valued, you will protect yourself from these situations.

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