Videos for the Public

Introduction of Used Car Valued

A welcome video to introduce used car valued. We educate customers with accurate valuations and certainty of a guaranteed price for the vehicle for immediate sale.

We provide education so they are aware of the value of their vehicle. Sourcing information for the correct pricing that we believe your vehicle will sell for, we analyse the market for you and provide tips on how to best present your vehicle to achieve the best outcome possible.

Purposes of a Certificate

Why a used car valued certificate?
Do you need a certificate of valuation?
What uses are there once I know the value of my vehicle?
Can we save you money?
Do you want more for your trade in?
Want to sell your car quickly?

A video on how to achieve the most for your used car, whether you are selling or trading your car with Used Car Valued.

Understanding Your Certificate

A video guide to understand how to maximise the use of your Used Car Valued certificate. High, Fair, Low, Quick & Trade prices explained.

Used Car Valued provides advice on Reconditioning, Detailing and Painting costs to best understand whether the investment in repairs would assist with the sale or not.

With a market snapshot of the competition and values that are most relevant to your vehicle, you are prepared for the sale and enquiries that will follow.

Dealer Videos

Introduction to Dealers & Buyers

An explanation video of how used car valued can benefit dealers and buyers. We are here to assist in any way.

Purpose of a Certificate – Dealers & Buyers

A short video that provides an understanding of the benefit of a certificate to dealers & buyers. We can assist to achieve a higher value for your customers on their trade in.

We all know that quality used car stock is hard to source, we provide these opportunity directly to you, all you need to do is provide great pricing and ensure our clients are treated well.

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